Spanish researchers identify 16 proteins related to the response to osteoarthritis treatment

  • These proteins are potential biomarkers that could be used to predict the best treatment for each patient
  • They analyzed the differences in protein modulation between patients responding to celecoxib or to the combination of chondroitin sulfate and hydrochlorure of glucosamine, and patients not responding to these treatments.
  • The results of this study have been presented at the Osteoarthritis World Congress (OARSI) and have been accepted as scientific communication accepted for presentation at the European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR).

Thirty percent of women with osteoarthritis experience anxiety and twenty percent experience depression, compared to twelve percent for men

  • Women suffering from osteoarthritis also have a 70% higher rate of hypertension and a 114% higher rate of peripheral vascular disease than women not suffering from osteoarthritis.
  • Specialists point out the importance of taking into account these specific factors in women before deciding the best therapeutic approach for osteoarthritis.
  • This data comes from the EMARTRO study which was presented for the first time at the 16th National Meeting in Women’s medicine and healthcare.

Chondroitin sulfate is more efficient than anti-inflammatory drugs for delaying the progression of knee osteoarthritis

  • This is the main conclusion of a new clinical essay that proved, by means of Quantitative Magnetic Resonance, that pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulfate is superior to an anti-inflammatory drug (celecoxib) for delaying the disease’s progression
  • The results also revealed that chondroitin sulfate possesses the same level of efficiency as celecoxib for the improvement of pain and mobility in knee osteoarthritis, with the added advantage of a higher safety profile
  • This research project has been selected by the American Academy of Rheumatology as one of the keynote addresses of this year’s annual meeting

Bioiberica enters the Australian market with its chondroitin sulfate thanks to its collaboration with BioCeuticals

  • BioCeuticals is the leading Australian practitioner-only therapeutic supplement company
  • The Australian brand will be incorporating CS b-Bioactive®, Bioibérica's pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulfate, into its range of joint health products
  • Nearly 2 million Australians suffer from osteoarthritis

A review published in the journal Molecules concludes that not all chondroitin sulfate molecules are the same in terms of efficacy and safety in the treatment of osteoarthritis

  • The article shows that there are chondroitin molecules of low efficacy and that some even produce undesired effects, such as pro-inflammatory action of the joint
  • According to the investigators, the huge variability in the quality and origin of raw material, as well as in extraction and purification techniques, leads to molecules with different physical and chemical properties that may jeopardise the efficacy and safety of the end products
  • CS b-Bioactive®, Bioiberica’s brand of chondroitin sulfate, guarantees a robust molecule, a consistent and traceable manufacturing process, and demonstrated efficacy and safety in more than 20 studies and 14 million patients treated

MRI imaging techniques confirm that CS b-Bioactive® Chondroitin Sulfate delays the advance of knee osteoarthritis

  • This is the main conclusion of a new Canadian clinical trial presented for the first time at the Spanish National Congress of Rheumatology hosted in Seville

Cochrane confirms the clinical efficacy of chondroitin sulfate for the treatment of osteoarthritis

  • The Cochrane Library has published the most in-depth review on chondroitin sulfate carried out by an international, independent organization so far

The journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases confirms the efficacy of combined therapy with chondroitin sulfate plus glucosamine in knee osteoarthritis

  • The results of the clinical trial MOVES have been published showing that the combination of these two active ingredients reduces pain, functional disability, joint stiffness, swelling and effusion in knee osteoarthritis

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