New clinical trials prove that chondroitin sulfate may reduce synovitis and delay prosthetic surgery in osteoarthritis patients

A pioneering clinical trial coordinated by Dr. Jordi Monfort at the Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, has proved that, unlike paracetamol, chondroitin sulfate reduces inflammation and improves functional capacity.

Professor Jean-Pierre Pelletier will present the results of a clinical trial which provides evidence that patients receiving chondroitin sulfate treatment experience a lower risk of having to endure prosthetic surgery.

Bioiberica Farma presents Arthrosischip, a DNA-based test that predicts rapid progression of knee osteoarthritis

• It is DNA-based test that, using a simple saliva simple, can identify certain genetic alterations associated to osteoarthritis progression.

• Dr. Vergés said that “this tool could be used to identify and to give personalized treatment to severe OA cases and to assess the risks of prosthetic surgery, which in turn will lead to significant savings in health care expenditure”.

Bioiberica to present the results of the Arthrosischip Project, a DNA-based test that predicts the evolution of knee osteoarthritis using a simple saliva sample

• This new tool will allow for the personalization of osteoarthritis treatments, and will reduce the need for prosthetic surgery.

• The study’s results will be presented at the World Congress on Osteoarthritis, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, on April 25-29, 2012

Bioiberica Farma Launches “The Chondroprotection Blog”- an online discussion forum for osteoarthritis professionals

This blog contains up-to-date information on osteoarthritis-treatment, publications, latest advances in research. It is also an online discussion area that encourages the participation of all healthcare professionals.

It is hosted in the condroprotection.es website, a dedicated portal for healthcare professionals who specialize in osteoarthritis.

Loss of estrogens causes the association between osteoarthritis and menopause

Estrogens regulate a number of beneficial cellular processes in joint tissue. During menopause, the levels of estrogens decrease, thus leading to changes in the cartilage and subchondral bone

Osteoarthritis is a disease under-diagnosed among menopausal women that decreases their quality of life

It has been proposed a new classification of primary and/or idiopathic osteoarthritis that will take into account the deficit of estrogens

PROFARMA recognizes BIOIBERICA’s commitment to R&D

•Bioiberica is rated “good” and remains within the ‘A’ group, representing companies with significant research activity

•The Spanish chemical-pharmaceutical company, which employs 386 workers, has more than 58 R&D projects currently under development.

The Partnership between the FNIH and Bioibérica Farma will Boost Research on Osteoarthritis Biomarkers

Their new project focus on the research and validation of imaging and biochemical biomarkers used to diagnose knee osteoarthritis (OA) prior to the development of symptoms, to identify patient’s profiles, and to predict disease progression.

Biomarkers could be used to measure the efficacy of treatments, thus enabling the National Health System to save money.

The Foundation of the National Institutes of Health guarantees that the aim of this partnership is the improvement of the quality of life of OA patients by means of early diagnosis and personalized treatment.

Intense cold and low atmospheric pressure increase joint pain in rheumatic patients

Faced with the wave of intense cold expected for today and the next few days, experts recommend applying local heat, walking or practice moderate exercise to improve joint mobility

Osteoarthritis affects more than seven million people in Spain. This disease is one of the most common causes of permanent incapacity to work.

Chondroitin sulfate has proven efficacy for the symptomatic treatment of knee, hip and hand osteoarthritis

Dr Daniel Ubelhart, world renowned expert in the field of osteoarthritis, reviewed the latest clinical evidences of the efficacy of chondroitin sulfate in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Proven efficacy and high security profile, major conclusions of his paper

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