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Established in 1995, MDM is a young Pharmaceutical company, located in the outskirts of Milano.

Since the beginning, the company mission of this Pharmaceutical society has been to offer quality to both partners: physicians and patients.

With this mission in mind MDM made a substantial effort in the research and development of a complete product portfolio. The portfolio was designed with a focus on therapeutic areas requiring a specific knowledge of the target groups, their needs, and their orientation. Emphasis was placed on offering products representing a new therapeutic opportunity for medical doctors.

As a result MDM has created products of high quality profile, both in the ethical and in the food-supplement fields, the last being in a continuous growing phase of interest among the international markets.

One of the top priorities for MDM has been to adopt a very high quality standard when choosing the ingredients for its own nutritional products.

The product line addressing Osteoarthritis, which has been one area of strong activity and investment for MDM, features among other products

Reumilase, a fully successful brand, containing active ingredients aimed at building and maintaining healthy cartilage tissue.

Therefore Reumilase has been developed and produced in two different dosage forms, with the objective to satisfy different needs:

Reumilase Plus: with a dosage of GAGS to improve the resistance of cartilage tissue, and to increase the availability of physiological substrates. Contains 400 mg Chondroitin Sulphate (CS b-Bioactive®) + 250 mg glucosamine + collagen type II (0,1mg)

Reumilase SD: with a higher dosage of the both GAGs (Glucosamine 500mg + Chondroitin sulphate (CS b-Bioactive® 500mg), and native collagen type II (1mg)

Reumilase SD strongly contributes to give elasticity and resistance to the cartilage, and also to avoid the loss of collagen which deeply characterize the tissue degradation in o.a.

More information: http://www.mdmspa.com/

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